Marijuana first usage in the Marijuana seeds in Canada


May 19, 2017

Well, now it’s time for a history class...

We know history is kind of boring to many... But in today History class, the topic's pretty interesting- it's Marijuana and its first usage.

It is well known that Marijuana or Cannabis sativa, is being used for ages now in food, or simply to smoke. Its usage originated for the first time in Asian countries, which then made its way to the American and African countries. In that period, meaning, nearly thousands of years back, Marijuana was purely used for medicinal and spiritual purposes.

Dr.Barney Warf, a geography professor at the University of Kansas, has done in-depth research on the usage history of Marijuana, and one of his findings was that the Marijuana was used as a pain reliever during childbirth and tooth by medieval Germans. Today, we know that the pain relieving property of the Marijuana comes from one of the active ingredients called Cannabidiols.

Lot many things have changed through its journey from being a medicine to an evil drug. Dr. Warf considers this opinion of Marijuana being an evil drug as "historical anomaly."

Going back to the past, different Marijuana strains were used for different purposes. For example, Cannabis Sativa is one type, which is psychoactive(mood-altering), while Cannabis Sativa L is another type that is non-psychoactive.

- For the first time, Marijuana was used in China by Emperor Fu Hsi, in 2900 BC as pure medicine. Fu Hsi believed Marijuana plants possessed both the yin and yang quality, which made it ideal to treat various disorders. The earliest written references for Marijuana usage was found in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, Rh-Ya dated back to 1500BC.

When we go through the usage data of the Marijuana, it is evident that Chinese population have used the properties of the Marijuana to the fullest-

- In 1 AD Chinese pharmacopoeia recommends Marijuana for around 100 ailments, which included malaria, rheumatism, absent mindedness, etc.

- In 200 AD, one of the Chinese surgeons, Hua who used resins from Marijuana plants combined with the wine, as an anesthetic in various surgeries such as, laparotomies, thoracotomies, organ replacements, etc.

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