Marijuana seeds and different


May 19, 2017

Marijuana or Cannabis was largely used as incense during various religious ceremonies in most of the religions. Practitioners belonging to various religions would often consume cannabis to facilitate meditation or heighten awareness during religious ceremonies. Some more religions used it as delighting agent or something that made one lose fear...

Let's look into how a few religions perceived Marijuana.


Cannabis in Ancient Greek Religion

The Greeks used Cannabis as incense, in religious ceremonies. The audience inhaled the smoke vapors for the euphoric and ritualistic purposes. It is said that Assyrians, one of the one ancient inhabitants of, used the herb’s incense to ward off the evil spirits.

Herodotus, a Greek historian from the fifth century B.C.E. known as the “Father of History,” has reported on this. It was commonly burned during funerary rituals and to cast out wicked spirits from children’s rooms.


Cannabis in Ancient Chinese Religion

China cannot be forgotten, when the topic is Marijuana. The Taoism culture believed that Marijuana combined with Ginseng was able to provide the insights to the future. And, Taoism also believed that Marijuana could ward off the evil spirits. 


Cannabis in Tibetan and Indian Religion

In India, Marijuana had many references from mythology. Though the medicinal properties were studied later, in the beginning, it was considered as a pleasure-inducing agent and made the consumer lose fear. Another story says that Cannabis had a sacred-spot in Hindu culture, and was served as offerings for a few Hindu deities. The Tibetan culture was not any different from the Indian culture. It is said that Marijuana served as a path of enlightenment to Gautama Buddha, and many Buddhists believed that it aided meditation and enhanced awareness during the spiritual ceremonies.

Majorly classified Marijuana strains, Indica and Sativa, has got various benefits, which were used well, by various religions.

This states that Marijuana is nothing like what it is pictured as, today. Marijuana was way too useful, had dignity, and was used as a medication for various ailments. It is now time to take off all the negative opinions about Marijuana from your minds and try to harness the benefits of this herb.

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