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The potency of Marijuana explained...

July 31, 2017

Okay, when there is a conversation going on about Marijuana, we all have heard people speaking about its potency too. So what is potency? Here is the small article that helps you understand, what potency is all about, if you are not much aware of this concept.

So first, what is potency?

If a compound is highly potent, then, it evokes a given response at lower concentrations, and if a compound is of lower potency, then, it evokes the same response, only at higher concentrations. Potency can be measured for different active ingredients present in the Marijuana.

The potency of Marijuana can be altered manually, using different cultivation techniques. For those who are growing Marijuana solely for medicinal purposes, high levels of CBD, CBC, CBG, etc., are important, and if the cultivation is for recreational purposes, THC levels become more important.

Based on the altered potency, different strains will be formed; high THC-low CBD strain, low THC-high CBD strain, high THC-high CBD strain, etc., are some of the examples. This clear, distinctive feature of a strain will help the users, choose the strains, that suits their needs, the best.

Effects of high THC levels in your Marijuana: increased potency in terms of THC-

- THC is largely known for its psychoactive abilities. And, when the potency of your Marijuana plants is increased in terms of THC, these psychoactive effects are enhanced and known to pronounced, even with a lesser quantity of Marijuana.

-THC has got a few medicinal properties and is an excellent remedy for nausea, chronic pains, few symptoms of multiple sclerosis, etc.

One thing to know about increasing the THC levels is that whatever, you do, to increase the potency of your Marijuana plants, will increase the overall yields. And, one sign that you have raised some extremely potent plants is the pronounced trichomes that are long and glittery.

How do you increase the potency of Marijuana?

- Understanding the plant genetics, and strains

- Choosing the right harvest time

- Plant health and Care

- Lighting

- Curing process

- Skipping pollination

- Vegetative State for more than eight weeks

- Understanding the plant genetics, and strains-

Understanding the plant genetics is the first step. Few plants with some really great genes will be more potent, effortlessly, but for some, whatsoever is done, the potency will be just above the mark. Many a time, even altering a strain, will not give any desirable results. Thus, it is important to choose the strains, which are receptive to the cultivation techniques that you implement on them.

- Choosing the right harvest time -

Right harvest time can make all the wonders. To reap all the benefits of Marijuana, you need to harvest Marijuana at the right time; not a day early, not a day late. 2-3 weeks during the flowering stage is when the THC levels are maximum, in the plants. During this period, the trichomes all turn milky white and curl in, and the buds start appearing more solid and tight.

- Plant health and Care

Keeping your plant healthy, is paramount, in order to have potent buds. When your  plants are robust, naturally, they are less prone to infections, which will help them grow better. Environmental extremes will have a negative impact on the yields as well as the potency. Thus, you need to make sure that all the environmental factors, from the lighting to the water that are necessary for its growth are provided to the plants, in optimum quantity. Ph , the acidity and alkalinity balance, of your soil/water  also should be optimum for better  growth.

- Curing process -

Marijuana improves in quality  like wine over time, if  cured and stored properly.   Curing takes place once they've dried, over time,  and this is done, in order to increase the potency of Marijuana and its ability to smoke. During the curing process, the chemical reactions that take place, within the herb, will intensify the effects of THC and other cannabinoids and result in better flavours when imbibed.

- Skipping pollination -

Skipping pollination is another technique opted by many, in order to enhance the THC levels. The buds that have skipped the pollination stage are known as "sinsemilla." Sinsemilla is said to have comparatively higher potency and better yields when compared to the buds with the seeds.

- Vegetative State for more than eight weeks-

The shift from vegetative stage to flowering stage happens pretty quickly in Marijuana. But for the potency of your Marijuana to be good, it should have a vegetative period of at least eight weeks, prior flowering.



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